Best People + Best Agents + Best Process = Best Results

At Resolute Asset Management, we believe that we can positively impact our communities and our economy by returning distressed assets to the market as productive properties. To accomplish this, we aggressively pursue moving assets through our process. Our team has sold over 5,000 properties and we have experienced every sort of pitfall that can happen when managing a property. This experience is invaluable.

Marketing Approach

The way we market properties is tailored to the recovery goal of each client. Overall, we aim to provide our clients with the most accurate, timely, and relevant data relative to each property so that they are equipped to make the best decision for that asset. We distribute our assets on a geographic basis to our asset managers, allowing each employee to develop a level of expertise in their market area. We provide the client with data on the property’s location, including city and neighborhood level data, physical condition, title status, area demographics, prospective buyer profile and much more. We also include our recommendations for repairs, marketing incentives, and pricing. These recommendations include a thorough explanation of how each conclusion was reached.

Closing Approach

We believe that we could perform every aspect of asset management perfectly, but if we can’t close the homes, we have failed. The process of closing a home begins long before the home is ready to market. The first step we perform when we receive a new asset is to review preliminary title. From that point forward, we work to remove any title issues to avoid closing delays. Offers are negotiated by a trained negotiator with a focus on obtaining the highest possible sales price with the best possible terms. Once a property goes under contract, our closing team works with our agents and title partners to move the contract to closing as quickly as possible. Our ability to close homes is one of the many things that separates us from our competition.

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