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Our Team

At Resolute Asset Management, we focus on providing informed & innovative solutions to our clients. Our team is made up of real estate, valuation, title and mortgage servicing professionals. This broad spectrum of experience supports our goal of offering the most effective strategy for every asset. We believe that servicing distressed residential real estate creates an opportunity to positively impact the community, both economically and emotionally. As a result, our services provide a relief solution for investors, mortgage services, lenders, banks, credit unions, and financial service companies nation wide.

Clay began his career in distressed real estate as the Director of REO for Taylor Bean and Whitaker. At the time, TBW was the 12th largest mortgage lender in the country and Clay was responsible for a portfolio of 5,000 assets throughout the US. In a span of 14 months, Clay and his team disposed of over 1,200 properties at 95-105% of BPO value, while at the same time managing the bulk disposition of 900 additional assets. Prior to his time at TBW, Clay served as Controller for Pulte Homes, Ocala.

Clay holds a Masters in Accounting from Florida State University and he is both a Certified Public Accountant and a Licensed Real Estate Broker. In addition to his professional responsibilities, Clay serves the community in a number of capacities.